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Go to a tree

Go to a tree, talk to the tree, touch the tree, embrace the tree, feel the tree. Just sit by the side of the tree, let the tree feel you, that you are a good man and you are not in a mood to harm. By and by friendship arises and you will start feeling that when you come the quality of the tree immediately changes. You will feel it. On the bark of the tree you will feel tremendous energy moving when you come; when you touch the tree she is as happy as a child, as a beloved; when you sit by the tree you will feel many things. Soon you will be able if you are sad to come to the tree, and just in the presence of the tree your sadness will disappear. Then only will you be able to understand that you are interdependent – you can make the tree happy and the tree can make you happy. And the whole of life is interdependent. This interdependence I call God, Lao Tzu calls Tao – this whole interdependence. God is not a person somewhere, this whole interdependence is God, Tao, dharma. The Vedas call it rit, the law. Whatsoever you like to call it, call it, but this interdependence is the whole thing. ~ Osho …from “Tao: The Three Treasures”, Vol 1, Chapter 4 – Emptiness

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